Thursday, February 10, 2011

Joseph Dreamed in January

By Brian Gelfand, Storahtelling Maven
StorahSteps January Series:  Joseph's Dream
Sunday, 1/23/2011, at SSDS.
Have you ever wondered about Joseph and all the trouble his special cape caused? Run Shayo and I presented a series of shows about Joseph's Dream in January around New York and New Jersey.  Run played the part of Joseph and his sister Dina was played by the puppet, also courtesy of Run.  I played Reuben, the biggest, strongest, oldest son. We put on four successful shows, including the first Shomer Shabbat StorahSteps program for children and parents.  

Even without instruments and microphones, the show was still a hit!  It was an interesting experience adapting the show for a Shomer Shabbat audience. The kids had a larger working knowledge of both Hebrew and the bible story itself. While the limitations on instruments and microphones needed to be worked out logistically, other opportunities were available to make the show a smashing success. Because the children were aware of when we deviated from the story written in the Torah, this allowed for discussions on the topic of midrash and what can be learned from telling various versions of the same story. 

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