Tuesday, February 01, 2011

In the Space Between

By Naomi Less, Storahtelling Director of Education and Training
6th Graders and parents encounter the Maven Method (TM)

Shaaray Tefilah (NYC)
This weeks's parsha highlights the famous "ark of the covenant" and the beautifully crafted golden cherubim that are to be placed on the cover's edges, facing each other. In that space, between the faces of the two cherubs, is where God will dwell. This was a perfect analogy for what I witnessed when facilitating an introduction to the Maven Method (TM) with 6th Graders and their parents at Shaaray Tefilah on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Through intensive, interactive and engaging work together in family teams, participants were able to find a bullseye, a main focal point, of what the story of Terumah is all about.

"If you build it, God will come!"
"God dwells in the space between two people's relationships!"
"The outside packaging can often be as important as the message inside!"

How these families converged together to find that this ancient ancient story of a blueprint can speak to us on a personal level, on a local current level and on a 2011 world-view level demonstrated that God truly dwelled in the space between.

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  1. Naomi - that's beautiful. Reminds me of the moment when the Egyptian protesters stopped to pray in the middle of the fight. (then, sadly, resumed the fighting..)
    here's to the sacred hyphen.