Tuesday, December 04, 2007

"Field of Dreams"
Temple DeHirsch Sinai, Bellevue/Seattle, WA

By Chloe Ramras

Storah On The Road

My first Storahtelling show on tour in my own home town--the great Seattle, Washington--sounds as exciting and super-bonus as it turned out to be. There was an overwhelming sense of welcome and gratefulness from the Temple DeHirsh Sinai community (the feeling was mutual). And the Shabbos dinner hosted by my very own mother could not have been topped.

Performing for the first time as a Storahteller turned out to be a pretty holy gig. The show went swimmingly. Working with Jake Goodman, Ayelet Gottlieb and Brian Gelfand is a dream (literally). I could not have asked to be initiated with a better cast. They have taught me so much and for that I am very grateful. On stage, in the moment, I found so much more meaning in the performance of translation. I found a deeper purpose for my actions with G-d and everyone watching. And yes, I really do think we changed some people's lives this weekend, including my family's. They were incredibly impressed with the show, in both content and execution. It was a wonderful way to bring on the spirit of Channukah. BRING ON THE LIGHT and CELEBRATION!

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