Thursday, November 29, 2007

Grand Ole Storahtelling

By Naomi Less

Storah On The Road

On November 11th, I made the trek out of the safety of culturally and Jewishly hip New York city, down to Nashville, TN. Program Director Jake Goodman and I proudly represented Storahtelling at this year's UJC General Assembly in OPRYLAND! Through our incredible supporters - Bikkurim and the Lipman-Kanfer Foundation - Storahtelling was able to create a great presence promoting both the upcoming Becoming Israel performance, a new play marking Israel's 60th Anniversary, as well as our training programs and Maven Torah performances. Jake and I heard endless cries of excitement when GA folks saw our big orange banner and realized Storahtelling was at this major Jewish event. Many cities were excited about the possibility of building Israel programming in their communities centered around one major event – a performance of "Becoming Israel". They were eager to explore how different groups and age cohorts (teens, young adults and adults) could all come together for one community cultural event and then have follow up workshops to deepen the experience.

It was no surprise to me, as a founding company member, that there is such positive brand recognition across the North American Jewish community at the GA. Jake and I were proud to also attend the prestigious Covenant Awards ceremony held at the GA. As Covenant Grant awardees, we had an incredible time networking and connecting with other cutting edge Jewish educational institutions and programs.

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