Tuesday, June 07, 2011

My First Storah Experience

My First Storah Experience

Danielle Pedraza
StorahSteps Stage Manager

Waking up at 6 AM is not easy for a college student, but on this morning I, Danielle Pedraza, rolled out of bed ready and excited to start my Storahtelling adventure! I took the subway, grabbed a coffee and finally reached the 14th Street Y, the home base of StorahSteps.

Sam, the Program Coordinator, who was training me to stage-manage, then greeted me and we started the first job of the day, which was helping Sam transport the props. I couldn’t help but notice the GINORMOUS “Storah” popping out of the roller suitcase and the bright orange puppet we had to carry. I thought, “This looks Awesome!” I was so curious to see how the actors were going to utilize these props in the performance.

We grabbed a cab and headed uptown to the JCC in Manhattan Preschool. Once inside we started coloring the “Storah” with the kids. I loved it! As we colored together I felt the exhilaration of a six year old child. It was really fun pumping the kids up for the show and letting them know that they helped create something that will be used on stage!

Once everyone was done coloring we went to the theater space where the actors were rehearsing. We set up the props: a Rock headpiece, a guitar, a puppet, the “Storah”, a mustache, a beard, a cane, and a black blanket. The house music started playing, and the kids started entering the auditorium.

They were so excited, everyone was smiling and so happy to be there. Sam introduced Moses’ Book and had me step on to the stage to help her show the “Storah”. Watching the Jess and Mike, the Storahtellers, share the story of Moses with a puppet and a guitar was so much fun. They had the kids shouting responses, doing yoga poses, as well as singing “We Will Rock You” among many familiar songs. Once it was over I helped pass out take home materials, and watched as the kids exited the auditorium humming and singing the songs.

Overall it was a very refreshing experience. I left feeling beyond happy to be a part of StorahSteps and get to be a part of an atmosphere that is so joyous and loving. I can’t wait to embark on more Storahtelling adventures and meet everyone involved with this incredible production.

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