Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Batya's Bath: Soothing a Crying Baby

Emily Walsh, Storahtelling Maven Trainee

Assistant Director of Education, Youth and Family
B'nai Jeshurun

What happens when a princess is minding her own business, taking a bath in the Nile, and comes across a mysterious basket filled with a big surprise?  We found out when Princess Batya, daughter of King Pharoah, played by Shawn Shafner, discovered the basket in "Batya's Bath," a StorahSteps Production.  Shawn also starred as the lovable puppet, Yocheved, who the kids just adored!  She asked her daughter, Miriam, played by me, to take the basket to the Nile.  With the help of an audience filled with kids, teachers, and parents acting as the water, the basket was caried down the Nile.  Princess Batya discovered that in the basket was a baby!  She wanted it all for helself, and denied any help from her servant, also played by me.  However, she quickly discovered she needed help with this crying baby!  Enter Miriam, who offers the help of her mom, Yocheved, and well, you know how the rest of the story goes.

Shawn and I had a fantastic time peformring for the kids, and I'm pretty sure they had a good time too!  We performed twice, once at the JCC in Manhattan and another at the 14th Street Y.  The kids had a great time participating, serving as the water, naming the baby, and helping Batya decide what to do with the baby.  In the end, Batya learned she could help the world with her own two hands, and the kids did too!

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