Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Face to Face: First Unitarian Maven brings Storahtelling to Colorado Church!

What do you get when you mix  a Unitarian minister, a rabbi, a Professor, and an ancient saga of wrestling? A Storahtelling Inter-reglious program! On Sunday, January 2nd, the first interfaith Storahtelling program in Colorado took place at Jefferson Unitarian Church in Golden, CO. Tracey Wilkinson, a Maven-in-the-Making and Unitarian minister, along with Mavens Rabbi Birdie Becker, and Professor Caryn Aviv co-wrote and produced "Face to Face," a creative adaptation of  Chapter 32 in Genesis, serving as the centerpiece of the congregation's worship service that morning, playing to a packed house of over 350 people during two separate services. After the program, Tracey said:

"I cannot tell you how blessed I feel. It was amazing to be able to become the Maven, to bring Jacob's story to Jefferson Unitarian Church, to be able to work with Caryn and Birdie, and to do things I never ever knew existed, let alone that I could do them! 

"When I first heard of Storahtelling I asked Caryn, 'Do you fall in love with every Story you work with?! I would!' I was so right! I fell in love with this story of Jacob and with Storahtelling method of becoming a Maven and bringing it to life in my congregation. They loved it. May there be much more to come!"

'Face to Face' was the culmination of a few historic 'firsts' for Storahtelling: the first non-Jewish clergy to participate in our August 2010 Maven training, and the first ever Storahtelling Maven event in a different religious setting in Colorado. A great way to start a new year.

For more information on the Mile High Mavens, please contact Dr. Caryn Aviv, Storahtelling’s Mile High Maven Coordinator.

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