Monday, June 07, 2010

Mile High Mavens @ Limmud Colorado
By Rabbi Eliot Baskin
June 7, 2010

Psst! Do we have something juicy to tell you about the Limmud Colorado at University of Colorado at Colorado Srpings, 2010 shabbat performance, Parashat Behaalotcha, entitled "Jewcy Gossip". Caryn Aviv, portrayed Miriam, as a celebrity blogger trash talking about Mose's new wife, and Eliot Baskin debuted as the lead maven. Brian Field leined Torah brilliantly and Cherie Karo Schwartz acted as our maven mentor giving us theatrical pointers to provide polish. We enlisted the support of the Mile High maven troupe at the pitichta where they spread rumors throughout the congregation and asked them to pass it on in an engaging broken telephone manner. Our second aliyah stretch explored Miriams motivation, feelings and actions to overcome her scaly skin senario. A Rebetzin in the audience suggested deep teshuvah work to overcome her feelings of jealousy and to speak directly to her brother, Moses. After Miram sat with her own scales, she and the audience came back rejewvenated from this healing Storah cheshbon hanefesh about the dynamics of gossip.

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