Friday, May 28, 2010

June 5-20, 2010

Second Annual World-Wide-Storah Event celebrating the global reach of Storahtelling's groundbreaking work in the Jewish community and beyond, lifting Bible "off the page and onto the world-wide stage."

During the week of June 12th, Storah-trained Mavens will present Storahtelling programs and events across the world - from Australia to North America, inviting hundreds of all-ages audiences to engage with Storahtelling's innovative model of sacred storytelling for the 21st century. The Mavens, utilizing tools they have acquired from Storahtelling's training programs, will be presenting their own unique versions of one Biblical story from the Book of Numbers: The tale of Korach's rebellion against Moses. This is perhaps one of the most challenging narratives that resonate with very contemporary issues like democracy, protest, and capital punishment. These contexts are ancient and modern; global and deeply personal.

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  1. Amichai Lau-Lavie, Storahtelling Founder, and Shira Kline, Founding Company Member, performing "Rock & Rod" June 12th at Limmud Australia, Melbourne, Australia.

  2. Shawn Shafner and Emily Warshaw, Storahtelling Mavens, performing "Rock & Rod" on June 12th at the 14th Street Y, New York, NY.

  3. Marge Eiseman, Storahtelling Mobile Maven, performing "How Far is Too Far??" on June 7th at Milwaukee Jewish Day School, Whitefish Bay, WI.

  4. Jon Adam Ross, Founding Company Member, performing "The First Rosh Eidah" on June 5th at Camp Ramah in Wisconsin, Conover, WI.

  5. Josh Breitzer, Student Cantor and Maven-in-the-Making, performing at the Annapolis Temple on June 11th in Arnold, MD

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