Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Personal Testimonial: BECOMING ISRAEL at Limmud NY

by Yael Tzalka, Program Coordinator, Limmud NY

Saw BECOMING ISRAEL at Limmud NY 2009

Becoming Israel highlights the stories of three individuals from different eras, beautifully intertwined together through time. Many generations of people have laid the foundation for what Israel is today. People of different religions, nationalities and generations have taken a part in what has ‘become’ Israel.

Becoming Israel shows us that we too have had a part in the making of Israel. But more than anything it shows us that just like Jacob, we wrestle with G-d, with Israel, with Judaism, with the importance of our history and our influence on its future- no matter where we come from.

Becoming Israel will have audience members leave with questions that will sit on the soul for days, letting us ponder how we each individually molded the complicated and gorgeous land so many of us call home. Becoming Israel had the audience moved and captivated as they connected with the idea that we all wrestle with the pressing issues that Israel faces yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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