Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cleveland Connections!

by Naomi Less
November 26, 2008

This weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of being surrounded by Storahtelling family in Cleveland. Judy Schiller (StorahLab Cohort 1) who is the director of the Retreat Institute of Cleveland, galvanized her community to bring Storahtelling to perform BECOMING ISRAEL, Storahtelling's touring show about what's in a name, identity and the story of Jacob, Rachel and Leah from 3 different time and space perspectives!

Judy is an incredible example of linking silos in communities - enabling different populations to interact and interface with Storahtelling in different ways. The entire high school community was invited to come to the performance. She put together primer and follow up activities to deepen the learnings around the performance. She invited me to run a 3 hour educators' workshop utilizing the text and different Storah-techniques.

Judy has also been Maven-trained as a Mobile Maven. She and her local Maven partner Jesse Freedman did their first maven show for a 5th grade retreat.

And now, she and Laurel Barr (Cohort 1) and I are discussing what it would take to engage more people in the local community to equip themselves with tools around the Cool Tool, Maven and Raising the Bar (our three core programs).

We'll keep you posted - but we are definitely excited to help communities to fish for themselves!



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