Wednesday, October 29, 2008

“Family Firsts”: Maven Goes to Church!

By Jess Lenza

Storah On The Road

This weekend was a first for all of us! My first time mavening and Annie Levy’s first time being Lead Maven. It was Isaac Everett’s first time accompanying a Maven performance and Jenny Aisenberg’s first time recording the whole experience. Most importantly, this was the first time a Maven performance has ever been brought to a church. It was only fitting that our show was entitled, "Family Firsts" and honored the many firsts that occur in Parashat B'reishit, specifically in the story of Cain and Abel. Annie and I explored this complex story from the perspective of Eve and Cain's wife. In addition to examining the Torah text and creating dynamic characters, Annie, Isaac, and I had to think about how we could restructure the Maven model to speak to a Christian community.

We were thrilled to be at the First Congregational Church of New Canaan. It is such a warm and welcoming community. Even though we asked them to step out of their comfort zone at times, they embarked on this first with open minds and open hearts. We received many flattering compliments and appreciative remarks following the service. It was particularly meaningful when Reverend Dr. Ivy J. Beckwith said to us, "I think that is the way we should always tell Bible stories." The truth is that it is our stories that can bring Christian and Jewish communities together. Our common history and the desire to retell it in a way that is relevant in this modern world is what will make this first Maven performance in a church the first of many.

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