Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Letter from Rabbi Barry Dov Katz

September 23, 2008

By Rabbi Barry Dov Katz

Storah On The Road

*This past weekend, Storahtellers Deanna Neil and Jonathan Adam Ross performed a Maven Torah Reading Ritual for Conservative Synagogue Adath Israel of Riverdale (CSAIR). Below is from an email CSAIR’s Rabbi Barry Dov Katz wrote after the event.

Dear All of Storahtelling,

I did not have the chance to say a proper goodbye and thank Deanna, Jon (and Naomi), but I wanted to say Todah to all of Storahtelling.

It was a great weekend.

As a congregation we stretched but the stretching created an entrance point for families who rarely come to shul. For these families and for most of the congregation, the morning offered a chance to open the Book and find out/be reminded that there is something good and timeless in it. We saw two very talented people, products of the Conservative movement, successful smart, talented and hip, stand on our bimah and show, in a way that words can never capture, that Torah is relevant.

The service launched MyDrash in a powerful way. It turned MyDrash from just another new Saturday morning program for kids to something bigger, an integral part of the mission of the shul "to enlighten the mind with learning."

Watching the kids at the end of the afternoon engaged with text in a serious and fun manner was a remarkable testament to the talent of Jon and Deanna, our own mavens, and the rest of CSAIR’s own remarkable volunteers and staff who devoted so much time, intellect and energy to this.

A good way to start the year!

For all of the record keepers and for the Jews in the pews!

L'shana Tovah Tikateivu

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